vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Just My Type

Remember, my tutorials are a guideline only, let your imagination free.

Materials needed:
A scrapkit from Everyday Mom Ideas
Called Just My Type
 My template JS-template56 HERE

A tube of choice
I chose one from ©Danielle Pioli  @ www.mytubedart.com

Let's begin
Open your tube and template in PSP
Duplicate the template (SHIFT+D) and close the original.
Delete layers: info, 03 & 10

So the kit is full sized so you need to resize a lot.
For starters I opened paper 01, 05, 06 & 14
Resized them all by 18%

Activate layer01, selections, select all, float, defloat, selections invert.
Copy paper 01, paste as a new layer and press DELETE, select none.

Do the same with layer 04, I've used paper 05
Do the same with layer 06, I've used paper 06
Do the same with layer 08, I've used paper 14.

If you are happy you can delete the original layers.

I am not happy with the black borders, so I recolored them to white,
Activate layer 02, Adjust, brightness & Contrast and set brightness all the way to 255.
Repeat this step for layer 05, 07 & 09

This is what my template looks like now:
I added some elements to the template
Resize and rotate them just the way you want....
I have used:
-50's love song music
-hearts a float
-bottle cap 50's 04
-lip print 02
-type writer luv

Crop your whole image, add your tube, apply dropshadow to everything you want.
Add the correct ©info, your license number and name after you have resized
Save as JPG or export as PNG

©JustSan 01-Mrt-2013

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  1. This is such a cute template & tag, I am going to try it next. Your writing is very clear & easy to understand.
    Thank You for sharing...JustMeCec