woensdag 27 februari 2013

Irish Luck

Remember, my tutorials are a guideline only, let your imagination free.

Materials needed:
A scrapkit from Dnscraps
Called Journey Throught the lot
A mask from me :)
Click to enlarge, save as jpg

A tube of choice
I chose one from ©Barbara Jensen  @ SATC

And an animation (optional)
Mine comes from @ Scrappy bit of fun

Let's begin
Open your tube and mask in PSP
New image 600x600 white bg
New layer
Select all
Copy paper11  and paste into selection
Select none.
Apply the mask
Merge group

Now here is something different, instead of telling you where to put all the elements I have made a tag-build-up animation to show you how I did mine.
The original idea for this animation comes from René Kunert aka giZZy, and I was given permission to use it in my tutorials, Thank you giZ you're the best!!
The animation starts after I have applied the mask.

Crop your whole image, add your tube, give everything a dropshadow.
Add the correct ©info, your license number and name after you have resized
If you don't want to animate : Save as .jpg or export as .png

For adding the animation I did the following:

I merged the 5 bottom layers of my tag
Copy and paste it to animation shop as a new animation.
Open the animation you like to use.
Mine has 35 frames, that is a lot so I culled the animation.
Activate the animation, edit select all.
Animation, cull animation.
Remove 1 frame every 2 frames, so I ended up with 18 frames.
Activate your tag, duplicate the image (CTRL+C, CTRL+L) untill you have 18 frames.
Edit select all.
Go back to your animation.
Copy and paste into selected frame(first frame of your tag)
Preview your animation to make sure you like it :)

Go back to PSP.
Hide the merged layer, activate the top layer and merge visible.
Copy and paste this into animationshop as a new animation.
Now make sure propogate paste is on (edit, propogate paste)
Copy, right click into your first frame of your animation and paste into selected frame.
Save as .gif

©JustSan 27-Feb-2013

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