woensdag 31 juli 2013

Elegant Peacock

Remember, my tutorials are only a guideline, let your imagination free :)

Materials needed:

A tube of choice:
Mine is from ©Amberly Berendson @ www.mytubedart.com

A font of choice:
I used Respective available @ www.dafont.com

Graphic Plus ---> Cross Shadow


Let's get started.

Open up your tube in PSP.
New image: 600x250 pixels, transparant.
Pick 2 colors from your tube and make a gradient fill

Select all, modify, contract 45 pixels
Selections, modify, select selection borders:
both sides, width 2, anti-alias checked.

New layer
Fill with solid color.(1 of the colors you picked before)
Select none.
Apply inner bevel, default settings or use your own
Select inside of the frame, selections expand with 1 pixel.
Activate bottom layer

Copy your tube paste as new layer
Position to the left in the frame, layer opacity 60%
Duplicate layer, move to center in the frame, opacity 80%
Duplicate layer, move to the right side in the frame, opacity 100%

Merge the 3 tube layers together, selections invert, hit delete.
Keep selection running.
Activate bottom layer, selection, promote to layer.
Select none.

Effects, graphic plus, cross shadow, default settings.
Activate tube layer, set blend mode to screen, or any other blend mode that fits your tag.
Activate border layer, give a drop shadow.

Copy your tube and paste as a new layer.
Image, mirror.

Place it on the left

Add drop shadow

New layer
Fill with same color as used with the border.
Select all, contract by 2, hit Delete
Select none.
Use same inner bevel as before, add shadow 
Crop merged opaque

And finished :)
Hope you liked the tut.

Add the correct copyright info(after you have resized), your license number, name and export as .PNG or save as .JPG

©Sandra 31-July-2013

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