woensdag 31 juli 2013

Pixelated Gestures

Remember, my tutorials are only a guideline, let your imagination free :)

Materials needed:

A tube of choice
Mine is from ©Psyco Jimi @ www.mytubedart.com

A font of choice

Mura's Meister ---> Copies


Let's get started.

Open your tube in PSP

New image, 600x250 transparant.

Fill with a color from your tube, not too bright/light

Copy your tube and paste as a new layer.
Effects, mura's meister: copies, wallpaper rotate, default settings.
Adjust, Blur, Gaussian blur: 12
Crop merged opaque

Effects, distortion effects, pixelate.
Put width & height to 25, symmetric checked.
Effects, edge effects, enhance.

Grab your selection tool rectangle, set feathering to 50.
Start the selection 3 blocks from the left and drag to the right for 6 blocks
See image:

If you let go, the selection will be bigger because of the feathering.
Hit Delete
Select none.

Copy your tube and paste as a new layer, move to the right.
Duplicate the tube layer, image, mirror.

Move the duplicated tube 2 layers down in the layer pallete.
Set the blend mode to overlay, or any other blend mode that fits your tube/colors

Activate the top layer and add shadow to your tube.
New layer, fill with black.
Selections, select all, selection contract, 3 pixels, hit delete.
Select none.

And you are finished.
Hope you liked the tut.

Add the correct copyright info(after you have resized), your license number, name and export as .PNG or save as .JPG

©Sandra 31-July-2013

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