dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Believe in yourself

Remember, my tutorials are only a guideline.
Let your imagination free

Materials needed:
A scrapkit from Cinnamon scraps
Called Cherished

A tube of choice, I chose one from ©Mary's Art and Photos @ MTA

Let's begin

Open up your tube & mask in PSP.
New image 500x500 transparant.

Layers, new layer and fill with a color from your tube
Layers, new masklayer, from image
and make sure the invert mask is checked.

Layers, merge, merge group.
Layers, new rasterlayer.
Grab your selection tool rectangle and draw exactly around your inner square.
Copy paper5 and paste into selection.

Copy CS_cherished_blossoming3 and paste as a new layer.
Image mirror, image free rotate, 90 degrees to the right, all layers unchecked.
Image resize 2x80%
Adjust, sharpen
Add dropshadow

Copy CS_cherished_ribbonpuddle2 and paste as a new layer
Image resize 60%, sharpen once.
Add drop shadow and move to the left on the branch.
Copy flower 8 and paste as a new layer.
Image resize 2x70%
Adjust, sharpen
Add dropshadow
Repeat these steps for flower 9 & 10 and put them into place.

Copy tag 1 and paste as a new layer
Image resize , 70%,
Adjust, sharpen.
Add drop shadow and move this layer underneath the blue flower layer.

Now you can add some text to the tag if you wish.

Activate the top layer and copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Move it to the right and add a drop shadow.

Add the correct ©info, your license number and name after you have resized.

Save as JPG or export as PNG

©JustSan 17-Jul-2008
rewritten 29-Jan-2013

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