dinsdag 29 januari 2013


Remember, my tutorials are only a guideline.
Let your imagination free

Materials needed:
A scrapkit Scraps by Jessica

A tube of choice, I chose one from ©Keith Garvey @ Garv Girls 

(I got mine at PTE, hence the PTE lic#)

A mask from WeeScottsLass : WSL_Mask 185

Let's begin
Open your tube and mask in PSP
New image 650x650 pixels transparant.
Selections, select all
Copy BD_paper1_JD and paste into selection, select/none

Layers, new mask layer, from image..select  WSL_Mask 185.
Layers, merge, merge group
Copy BD_frame3_JD and paste as a new layer.
Grab your selection tool rectangle and draw a rectange ON the frame, selections, invert.

Copy BD_paper 12_JD and paste as a new layer.
Copy your tube ( close-up) and paste as a new layer.
move into the selection, hit DELETE
Set the blendmode of your tube layer to *hard light*.
Layers, merge, merge down
Layers, arrange, move down.
Activate your mask layer.
Copy BD_doodle1_JD and paste as a new layer.
Add a drop shadow.

Copy BD_vintageclock_JD and paste as a new layer.
Hide your tube layer, and move the clock to the left and up, add dropshadow.
Unhide your tube layer.
Add a dropshadow to your frame.
Copy your tube and paste as a new layer.
Move it to a good spot and add drop shadow.
Layers, merge, merge visible.
Grab your crop tool and choose in your menu crop to layer opacity ( the middle icon)

Add the correct ©info, your license number and name after you have resized.

Save as JPG or export as PNG

©JustSan 15-Apr-2011
rewritten 29-Jan-2013

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