dinsdag 29 januari 2013


Remember, my tutorials are a guideline only, let your imagination free.
What do we need:
A mask : Vix_Mask232
Filter: Mura's Meister Copies
And a tube
I used 1 from Danielle Pioli
Get it at My Tubed Art
Let's begin.
Open the mask in your PSP.
Open Paper FM-Sweet Valentine Paper-3, make a duplicate en close the original.
Layers, new mask layer, from image.
Look up Vix_Mask232.
Layers, merge, merge group.
Copy FM-Sweet Valentine-Element-75 and paste as a new layer.
Resize with 40%.
Effects, Mura's Meister Copies with these settings.
Apply dropshadow.
Copy FM-Sweet Valentine Paper-9 and paste as a new layer.
Copy FM-Sweet Valentine-Element-64 and paste as a new layer.
Resize with 65%.
Get your magic wand and select everything outside your frame where you don't want to have any paper left, tolerance set to 20 .
Pay attention to the loops of the bow.
Selections expand by 2 px.
Activate the layer with paper-9 and press delete.
Selections, select none.
Duplicate your frame layer.
Copy your tube and paste as a new layer.
Resize if you want and apply drop shadow.
layers arrange, move down.
Erase the part of your tube which stick out of the bottom of the frame.
Give the bottom frame a dropshadow.
Activate your top frame
Erase some of the top so the head of your tube will be free.
Copy FM-Sweet Valentine-Element-72 and paste as a new layer.
Resize with 50%, apply dropshadow and move to the right.
Copy FM-Sweet Valentine-Element-71 and paste as a new layer.
Resize with 40%, apply dropshadow and place it next to the other bear.
Add the correct ©info, your license number and name after you have resized.
Save as JPG or export as PNG
©JustSan 04-Feb-2011

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